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Technical Features from Mad Rock

Mad Rock's goal from the start has been to offer the most sophisticated designs and materials at a fair price, and now more
than ever our message of value, quality, durability and climbing enjoyment rings true - so much so that our competitors are
increasingly following our lead. We always thought that climbing should be enjoyed by everybody - and we aim to do that
with the best gear at a fair price.

Sience Friction 3.0   science friction  Rubber made in USA

Years after the launch of the first Mad Rock rubber formula, our new Science Friction 3.0 compound marks a special milestone
for the Mad Rock brand. After exhaustive research and a new production process originating in the USA, our new formula
has distinctively different characteristics than our previous batches. More durable than any of our previous formulas,
our new Science Friction 3.0 also boasts higher friction. This optimal balance is incorporated into our new mix by increasing
the tear strength and the memory of the compound. Due to its unique characteristics and unparalleled performance,
our new Science Friction 3.0 formula is used on our shoe components like the 3D Hooking Heel, 3D Concave Sole
as well as the soles in all of our rock shoes.

R2 Science Friction
  R2 rubber  Rubber made in USA

In addition to the new formula for the sole and components of our new 2013 line, the new Science Friction formula was also
incorporated into our new rand rubber mix. Higher friction and durability for the rand rubber is a testament to our commitment
to performance and improvement in our rock shoe line. Enhancing the elasticity of the rand rubber was also a priority when
developing the new rand rubber. As our new Science Friction R2 has greater give without the loss of performance,
our new models feel extremely comfortable and sensitive, giving you that glove-like fit.

Arch Flex System

By utilizing our 1.8mm R2 rand rubber, the Arch Flex system gives our redesigned Shark an unbelievably comfortable
and glove-like fit. The elastic property in our R2 formula hugs and locks your foot in to place without the pain associated
with other high performance shoes.

Mad Rock Arch Flex

3D Molded Heel

Introducing, the best hooking heel ever created. With help from our team of athletes around the world, we've designed
a heel cup that will hook, smear, jam, or lock better than any other heel design out there. Our new 3D Molded Heel Cup
features grooves to improve hooking ability and ensures that your heel won't pop off of your project. As with any of our
other features, we never skimp on materials by manufacturing with non-climbing grade rubber.

Mad Rock 3D molded heel

3D Molded Concave Sole

With a patented, concave shape, this sole offers even more powerful edging and surface contact while smearing.
The 3D molded concave shape will enable your feet to grab holds like never before. Our midsoles utilizes polycarbonate
material to maintains its shape throughout the life of the shoe. It also provides a predictable and consistent flex throughout
its lifespan without sacrificing sensitivity. Due to its stiffness, we were able to incorporate this new midsole material in
conjunction with our 3D molded rubber sole to increase performance and stability while minimizing the thickness of both.
Our AES consists of 3 midsole shapes to control flex and edging.

Mad Rock 3D Molded Concave Sole

Other technical features from Mad Rock

Mad Rock upper rubber Mad Rock 3D toe cup