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Shark 2.0

Shark 2.0

Product Review (submitted on 27 November 2015):
Love these boots.

Firstly the heel is ridiculous! After 10 years of climbing and coaching I can safely say I have never had a heel fit so well, in some cases too well, I often find my hands failing before my heel or struggling slightly to get them off when i'm tired, but hey, I would rather that than a baggy heel slipping and sliding all over the place. Solid and considered, it makes me wonder why other boots are made with this.

The size and shape fits my slightly wide foot perfectly and the rubber on top and bottom is the right amount, with great little dips in the correct places taking loads of weight of of your hands. The top rubber section leaves me with flex but grip when toe hooking, compared to my other boots my feet don't over heat and I get a lot of feel even when hooking, I struggle to go back now and use boots with out rubber covered tops.

If there is a downside it is when you first get them they feel like rock, in fact they probably have the hardest rubber I have ever felt, get them on your feet though and they will somehow magically turn into a soft but stiff boot perfect for smearing and pockets alike.

I wear these boots almost every day at some point for coaching or setting and they have not let me down yet. Great build quality and a great product all round.

If you buy these get you street shoe size, don't downsize to much, maybe half a size if you are keen.